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NFE training for volunteers
Volunteer program for urban sport and cultural events: A How-To
Volunteering Web Application

The app is a modular responsive web platform for efficient and fast searching active events and proper volunteers ready to volunteer on these events. It enables communication between people involved (volunteers and event organisers) and provides a source for volunteer recruitment on active events.


The app offers two separate types of profiles (according to users) – event organiser and volunteer. Every event and volunteer has its own profile page which allows better insight for all registered users of this application.

It enables event organisers to communicate with volunteers within the platform. Event organisers can assign team leader roles to volunteer managers who will be supervising volunteers and tasks can be delegated to volunteers directly from each volunteer manager to their group of volunteers. 

Volunteers can search volunteering opportunities and keep records of their volunteering activities within their profile in the web application. They can also mark delegated tasks as completed within the app on active events they are volunteering at.

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