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Volunteers at 24th Pannonian Challenge

The 24th edition of Pannonian Challenge was held from June 16th to 18th 2023. Total of 49 volunteers helped organise the festival. Since this year's Pannonian Challenge was opened with a panel discussion within the multiplier sport event for USCVol project an international network of volunteers that was created within the project got to meet each other in person. 11 volunteers from Estonia, Ireland and Poland joined young people from Croatia and together they made an amazing team. Volunteers got to volunteer in 8 different sectors; info point, maintenance, infrastructure, athlete registrations, athlete hospitality, social media and PR, IT and rapid response. The volunteering extended over a two week period. In the days prior to the festival volunteers were involved in helping setting up the venue and covered various jobs like assisting with smaller renovation works of the skate park, painting and branding, setting up fences, sun shades, tables, frames for photo exhibition etc. During the event, the maintenance team was in charge of keeping cleanliness of the venue, info point team was in charge of providing athletes and the audience with all necessary information as well as presenting them with our project results, the social media team once again took over the lead of our project channels etc. Volunteers traditionally participated in awards ceremonies as well. They have given a total of 1129 volunteering hours.

In addition to enjoying their time at the skatepark, volunteers from partner countries had fun exploring Osijek and learned about city history and culture.

Volunteering party was organised on June 23rd and 10 best volunteers were awarded with sponsor packages, volunteer booklets and certificates.


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