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VolonterOs taking over 22nd Pannonian

Pannonian volunteers are an irreplaceable link of the whole festival. Each year they excite us with their tireless will and desire to help. The idea for volunteers to slowly take over Pannonian Challenge came to life when the association began implementing our Erasmus+ Sport project, Urban Sports and Culture Volunteers. As part of the project, volunteers participated in another non-formal education training (PRO) where they learned about the organization of sports competitions and during the event they actually got to work on specific tasks.

This year we made our social media sector volunteers an admin of our project Instagram profile and they were given complete creative freedom to create content on their own and show how the 22nd Pannonian looks from their perspective. We are more than happy with the result.

In general volunteers showed a great sense of responsibility going even beyond expected. Although they were scheduled to work in shifts, they often stayed at the event all day: their micro-family is a phenomenon like no other. Always ready to jump in to help each other and make new pacts and friendships.

They would get out of the shade at 40 degrees full of enthusiasm, even after hours of work always willing to help and learn, just to be a part of something bigger. Through this unique togetherness and fellowship, they learned that it is possible to overcome all kinds of obstacles, and thus gain a sense of responsibility and structure.

So happy most of them return to volunteer for several years in a row seeking only acceptance and opportunity.

Thank you Volunteers for enabling the 22nd edition of Pannonian Challenge goes to plan!


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