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Urbano Dejanje volunteers leveled up to GOD

The final NFE training level GOD was implemented for 2 days, in Ljubljana, on August 2nd and 4th 2022. Total of 6 volunteers participated in the training and were very attentive. The preparation for the training included research on methods of information dissemination, research on team building games, research on best practice cases in event management, co-creating of methodology, preparation of presentations, preparation for team building games and creation of all necessary materials.

On the first day we went over the introduction of the training agenda and made a general overview of previous topics we've covered within levels NOOB and PRO. Volunteers were reminded of volunteering rules of conduct, obligations, motivation as well as their rights. The second part of the day was more focused on team building games and topics on non profit organisations in the sport and culture sector and funding opportunities.

Day two was dedicated to the topic of event management. All stages were covered, from planning to evaluation. Volunteers had a task to draft an entire event program, taking into consideration available budget and other important parts such as deciding on event venue, creating communication and promotion plan, hiring staff and recruiting volunteers and roles they can take on, security, taxes and security.

The training was concluded with volunteers evaluating the training and with trainers providing information about upcoming Urbano Dejanje events they will participate in.


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