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Urbano Dejanje Volunteers

Urbano Dejanje was scheduled for two weeks, starting on August 22nd 2020. Total of five volunteers joined this year' s festival organization and helped everything goes to plan. They went through two days NFE NOOB training prior to volunteering at the event and this is where they got the chance to learn more about our project and value of volunteering. The games were perfect for them to get more comfortable with each other, the face drawing game helped them loosen up and gave us all a good laugh. They showed genuine interest in learning about event organisation so we welcomed all questions and allowed them to debate about the entire process and potential situations at which event organisers come across while preparing the event.

Prior to the opening of the festival, our volunteers helped with scenery at Tobačna street where the festival took place. During the festival they helped with various tasks such as implementing COVID precautions; preparing the setting, necessary materials and keeping visitor records. They helped with the stage management and online marketing activities.

The organisers made sure to discuss with them what they've learned after each day and checked on them regarding their expectations and if they had any questions. In the previous years as organisers of Urbano Dejanje festival we haven't involved volunteers in such a learning process where volunteers were given tools to grow. By encouraging them to ask questions and give feedback as to what could we do better we also got to learn and we feel this is the true value of the Urban Sport and Culture Volunteers project.

Here are couple of photos of our beautiful volunteers from the training sessions as well as volunteering at the event.


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