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Urbano Dejanje PRO Volunteers

Slovenian volunteers joined the PRO level within their 4 day NFE training sessions. Total of 5 volunteers got an opportunity to become urban and sport event specialists from June 14th to 18th in Ljubljana, Slovenia under supervision of Foton Association. Within the first two days of training participants were introduced to the UD festival 2021 event program and got a general overview on our USCVol project and how it is linked to betterment of sport event organization. Volunteers were also reminded of the rules of conduct, volunteer rights and obligations and were introduced to main sectors they will be helping with at the event. Throughout the second day they participated in various team building activities learning about activities involved in organizing urban sport events. Second part of the training was focused on sport organizations and the difference between NGOs and sport organizations. Volunteers got to research funding and sponsorship opportunities for events such as UD festival e and got to practice their project management skills within 'Fund me' workshop in which they presented their project idea to their supervisors.

Volunteer then continued their practical training during UD festival events on June 19th, August 12th and August 20th. The five volunteers were assigned five different key areas of volunteering participation, which included social media management, stage management, ticket and merchandise management, cultural program scheduling and handling of sponsorship obligations. The events consisted of musical program and skate, graffiti and guerilla knitting sessions. The performance of the volunteers was stellar. We believe that they learned much, as well as contributed to the festival itself.


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