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The Oldbridge Park Run Dublin

On June 3, 2023, the Oldbridge Park Run, a well-attended Dublin event that boasted a crowd of 108 runners was held. The Champions Factory team who volunteered at the event was composed of eight organisation volunteers, complemented by five volunteers who enthusiastically joined our efforts. The day began early with the team meeting to oversee the logistical preparations.

Volunteers were tasked with transporting the materials needed for the race course and setting up refreshment stations at the finish line. The diligent preparation ensured the race was both enjoyable and smooth-running for all participants. The Race Director conducted a thorough briefing, providing clear instructions on setting up directional arrows, the starting line, and the finish line. This was followed by an explanatory session detailing the roles and tasks of each volunteer, designed to clarify any doubts and ensure the seamless execution of their duties.

Our volunteers were divided into several key roles: Marshalls who were strategically placed along the course to direct runners and ensure fairness and safety, each was equipped with an information card containing key contacts for emergencies; Timekeepers who accurately recorded the crossing times of all runners, providing a fair and objective record of performance; Token Marshalls ensured the appropriate distribution of numerical tokens, used to track each runner's position; Scanners who using the Park Run Volunteer App efficiently linked each runner's token number to their ParkRun ID barcode, accurately associating each runner's performance with their profile. Once the race ended the team collected all materials from the course, the start and finish line.

Demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility, volunteers also ensured the area was thoroughly cleaned, picking up discarded bottles and other refuse. Tokens were sorted in numerical order, and all materials were returned to our transport van.

The day's events culminated in a serene debriefing session in the park, where volunteers relished well-earned coffee and cake, reflecting on their substantial contributions to the successful event. This occasion signifies another fruitful chapter in our continuous efforts to positively engage with and contribute to our local community.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the volunteers who participated and contributed to the success of this event, and we eagerly anticipate more such exhilarating ventures in the future.


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