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Simple Session PRO Volunteers

7 volunteers from Estonia joined the PRO level during their NFE training sessions in Tallinn. Their volunteering work included 4 days at the Simple Session festival held June 20th to 21st 2021 at Põhjala district, Tallinn. Volunteers were involved in various activities prior to the event such as helping during skate park set up, working in hospitality during the official training for athletes as well as at the main event, Simple Session 21. At the event volunteers helped with the registration of athletes, press and guests orientation and Covid testing. All volunteers were divided into teams and their work was scheduled over a maximum of 4 consecutive days. Prior to the event all volunteers went through onsite training consisting of rules of conduct, rights and obligations, event protocol and similar detailed information needed for volunteering at the event. Due to the unpredictable restrictions in regards to Covid and constant changes of government decisions and recommendations in months prior to the festival we decided to postpone NFE PRO training to later that year. Finally after much coordination and scheduling with all involved volunteers training took place on January 26th, 27th and 29th, 2022.

During the first day of NFE PRO training volunteers were introduced to NGO legislation in Estonia, they learned about different NGOs working with volunteers and gained a valuable insight into Estonian Sport NGOs network and their work. It was followed by discovering the history behind Simple Session and they got to learn information on associations' future plans and projects. By the end of the second day they had planned their own small project that they would need to learn how to finance in the following session. Different opportunities of financing NGOs, volunteering work and sport projects in Estonia were researched. A detailed financial structure of the event's budget was explained and they got to find out how it is possible to establish cooperation projects with government and local municipalities through various funding opportunities. Different practical tools were used such as practicing problem solving, creating SWOT analysis and similar. Team building activities helped volunteers to be more creative and to more easily express themselves. Volunteers learned how to create a sport event and include a volunteering program to them, how to solve financing issues, how to communicate with government officials and different community stakeholders as well as how to best work with partners and media.

The engagement of our volunteers was wholesome and they helped the entire event run smoothly. It was a pleasure working with such cool young people, we are excited for 2022!


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