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Simple Session 2022 and GOD volunteers

Starting June 8th until the 13th, Simple Session was back for 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia. BMX Street qualifiers was scheduled for June 11th and BMX Street Finals on June 12th at the Põhjala Factory. Simple Session also featured its (in)famous four-day party & concert program from Thursday to Sunday. As with previous years, we were excited for another edition. This time a total of 12 volunteers helped organise the event, some of them participated in course renovation works while others helped out during the event with athlete registrations, tickets etc.

Volunteers education was finalised on October 6th 2022 and 5 volunteers from Tallinn, Estonia joined other volunteers in GOD level. The NFE training covered all key areas of event management. Volunteers were presented with a project writing template and had an assignment to organise a sport event. Volunteers were encouraged to use tools they've picked up in the previous training such as problem solving tree and smart goals. Importance of detailed budgeting was emphasised as this is crucial for successful event management.


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