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RCV NOOB & PRO Volunteers

16 volunteers in Kielce, Poland, joined our Urban sport and culture volunteers family by completing NOOB and PRO levels of our training module. 6 local young people and 10 volunteers participating in ESC programme have gathered in Kielce from April 28th to 30th to learn about our project, the importance of volunteering in sport and what it takes to be successful in event management.

Once they got to know each other better during multiple icebreakers and energizers they responded with positive energy in more challenging sessions. Volunteers were taught how to start a sport NGO, what are the most important steps in creating a project proposal and how to fund a sport project. In addition to this they were introduced to key competencies and got an insight on how to do self assessment of their own learning as well as gaining new skills.

Some of the volunteers who participated at the training sessions were included in volunteering at the First Regional Scooter Jam held on 25th of September 2021 in Kielce which was organized thanks to Polonia Extreme and our partners from Regional Volunteer Centre. Here are a couple of photos from last year's event.

With a brand new skate park that was officially opened on April 28th 2022 we are counting days to bigger and better urban sport events that are coming this year in Kielce, Poland, where our volunteers will get the opportunity to implement what they have learned during NFE training as well as gain valuable practical experience working in organization of extreme sport contest.


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