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RCV GOD Level Volunteers

Regional Volunteer Centre from Kielce, Poland finalised GOD level NFE training. On this occasion our Polish volunteers learned what lies behind the scenes of any sport event. Volunteers were presented with a challenge to organise their own sport event. They needed to put in writing what steps are necessary to predict in the preparation stage of event planning, from what tasks have to be done before the event, what tasks would be done during the event and finally what happens once the event is over. The budget for their events was restricted by the type or organisation they were representing (Ltd or NGO), venue selection and other elements such as the event program they planned on having, marketing costs but most importantly cost of volunteers in comparison to hired staff.

It is safe to say that our participants got to learn a big portion of the event management. Since they had a complex task to complete they needed to work as a team and make joint decisions which helped improve their communication skills as well as critical thinking.

Hopefully the gained knowledge will serve them in future professional careers since the scope of overall learning within our training module is significant. Looking forward to the next volunteering opportunity where they’d have more responsibilities having completed the final training level.


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