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PC XXI USC Volunteer NFE trainings

Pannonian Association is in the final preparation stage for the Pannonian Challenge XXI, extreme sports festival that will be held in Osijek from August 12th to 16th 2020. Despite the current situation with corona virus pandemic, Pannonian team is going strong and doing its best to create a safe environment for all; athletes, organisation staff, TV production team and media. This years’ Pannonian Challenge has to deal with new extremes, but we are grateful to have the prerequisites to host the event. Our volunteers have always been our strength and their enthusiasm isn't lacking even in this uncertain times. Over 100 volunteers applied beginning of March as our call for volunteers was out in February. Once the situation allowed for our volunteer coordinator to go through with interviews, we welcomed our PC XXI volunteers on board. On August 1st and 2nd we had our two days NFE training with volunteers. On the first day we gave general introduction about the project Urban Sport and Culture Volunteers, Pannonian association and Pannonian Challenge. Volunteers got to know each other and trainers through fun and engaging team building activities. Second part of the day was dedicated to the topic of volunteering.

Views of definitions on volunteering, rules of conduct, policies, rights and obligations, motivation etc. We discussed the importance of volunteering for the individual, society and organisation. In the next day we got into specifics of their volunteering. Volunteers were introduced to different organisation sectors, how they work individually and how they all together make the event happen. We set up these activities in the skate park so they got to see how the renovation of the skate park is done and where all different sectors are located at the venue. Right after learning about the organisation we used the rest of the day to make them reflect about the competences needed to do volunteer work, for the different positions available. We pointed out 8 key competences they should aim to improve and gave advice on how to be proactive while volunteering. This was to help them connect with the Youthpass where they will have to reflect about key competences after their volunteering at the event.

We all had lots of fun and shared thoughts. Volunteers were allocated into sector they'll be working in and were given first instructions on their volunteering days ahead. Looking forward to pre-event briefing on August 12th and hope we all host a successful event.


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