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Pannonian Challenge VolonterOs

The driving force behind the Pannonian Challenge are the hard-working volunteers. This year, Pannonian Association organized the 21st Pannonian Challenge, a festival of extreme sports in Osijek, from August 12 to 16, as the only international extreme sports competition to be held in the world during the pandemic. Despite the current situation Pannonian did everything in its power to create a safe environment for everyone - athletes, staff, volunteers and the media.

Volunteers, who have always been the strength of the whole festival, continuing to their NFE training activities volunteered at the event in nine organisational sectors ranging from sport, social media, TV production, infrastructure and maintenance jobs. Their enthusiasm did not wane even in these uncertain times. Total of 37 volunteers participated in this year's event totaling over 2700 working hours. Here are some photos of our VolonterOs at the event, doing and learning new things while having fun as well.


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