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Final Project Meeting in Osijek, Croatia

The final Transnational Project Meeting was held in Osijek, Croatia from June 14th to 16th 2023.

This was the biggest meeting in terms of number of participants since it was joined by volunteers who participated in the project. Meeting covered topics on completed activities of all project partners so far, a final version of the volunteering handbook was shared and a volunteer application was demonstrated to partners and volunteers who participated at the meeting. Most of the partners had completed all planned activities prior to the meeting and those who had pending events shared details on upcoming activities.

Total of 11 volunteers came from Estonia, Ireland and Poland. Since they all participated in NFE training and volunteered at partner events they were given an opportunity to share their experience in the project and give honest feedback about the quality of training and how important it was for their future plans in life.

After an overview of implemented activities and feedback the consortium agreed on further promotion of project results in partner countries in order to disseminate results to a broader audience. It was also discussed how the project will contribute to each organisation's work after it is over.

A good amount of time at the meeting was dedicated to the upcoming Multiplier Sport Event. Partners and volunteers were informed of the planned protocol for the event and volunteers duties were decided on since volunteers had an active role in organising the event as well during the panel discussion.

Partners and volunteers also used this opportunity for informal gathering at lunch and went sightseeing.


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