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7th edition of Urbano Dejanje Festival

2022. was full of changes for Urbano Dejanje festival. Since a famous pub in Tobacna street that used to be the location of all UD events so far was closed we had to come up with alternative locations to organise events and this is where collaboration with Zorica/Lok4cija comes along. 6 volunteers volunteered at 9 events organised by Urbano Dejanje and partners Muzika, Big Nose, Sukanica and Deepend. The new location is perfectly situated adjacent to a small square nearby the very city centre so it was a logical choice as it could provide both indoor and open space activities. Volunteers got to work at various events that followed; from August 11th to 13th concerts of Masaz, Planet Opal, Cratediggers + POP UP + Breakdance battle + Vinyl market; from August 17th to 20th Soul, Jazz & Jaz, Masa, Saverio Celestri and graffiti session, on August 31st a Cene Resnik concert and on September 15th Blaz Mencinger. Out of 6 volunteers we managed to retain 3 from previous year and 3 were new people.

Volunteers helped with set up of the events, from furnishing and decorating the fair and audience area to stage and backstage area. Several concerts were held indoors due to unfavourable weather conditions which was a welcome change as it gave volunteers insight into small differences between having an event in closed spaces in comparison to the open public space especially in terms of security.

This year was somewhat different which brought new energy and enthusiasm about introducing new locations and collaboration with other organisations in the sport and culture scene of Ljubljana.

We are thankful to all our volunteers who greatly supported our efforts to introduce some new and interesting musicians to a broader audience.


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