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2nd Transnational Meeting in Osijek

Pannonian Association hosted a second transnational partner meeting in Osijek, Croatia, from August 11th to 13th. Considering the fact that most of the European countries are still dealing with coronavirus pandemic and traveling from country to country is challenging project partners agreed to have both on site and online meeting. Partners from Estonia and Ukraine joined online while Croatian, Irish and Slovenian partners visited Osijek and participated in person. The main topic of the partner meeting was to have a follow up on our project activities in regards to the fact that some of the partners are facing difficulties in organising sports events due to pandemic thus implementing volunteer NFE trainings.

Fortunately some of us managed to host events and implement activities which was crucial for sharing practical examples. Pannonian shared their experience in carrying out project activities (recruitment of volunteers, NFE training and volunteering at sports event) as well as awareness raising campaign and outlined COVID-19 challenges, activities’ administration and achievements. Despite the imposed COVID-19 measures, Pannonian organised the planned project activities, with some time delay, instead in June as planned the event was postponed till August.

This meeting was also a starting point to discuss next steps partners need to agree on; such as preparations for volunteer handbook and application as well as drafting the methodology for next years' NFE training. The evaluation checklist for assuring quality of project activities was presented as well and we went through Project progress report – decisions taken, risks, issues and upcoming activities.

PC team members are grateful we had the opportunity to host this meeting and wish to thank to all who participated.


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